The Polygon app at work

Gain Valuable Market Insights to uncover High Revenue Potential.

Real-time, 360-degree view of your competitive landscape and market with AI.

  • Increase Profitability with the Right Prices.
  • Anticipate market behavior with Instant Alerts.
  • Understand your full Market Competition.

How do you become better than your rival restaurant? It starts with competitive analysis.

Message team members

Increase profit and help your restaurant set fair prices with better Pricing Strategies.

Team messaging with 1-1 or group discussions around your projects, department or common interests.

  • Organize your chats into channels
  • Send messages instantly
  • Chat without sharing personal numbers
  • Assign a message to your team
Collaboration tool

Streamline Menu and promotions

Update your menu across all your distribution channels instantly to ensure the same consistency in pricing and standards. Broadcast menus to all stores simultaneously without the hassle of manual interventions.

Message team members

QR Dynamic Menu Optimzer.

Revenue Management thought a comprehensive analytical tool that uses best practices for value-based menu optimization, including pricing software, promo analysis, competitive research, and strategic guidance.


Easily manage your team scheduling

Put the schedule in everyone's pocket - no more driving to work to find out when you work.

“Polygon is our virtual office - a central hub where everyone can work together, drive through action and, ultimately, succeed as a team.”

Brian Arnold, Director of Growth Marketing at Airbnb


We already have features you need, together in one tool.

Task management

Task Management

Polygon works great with tools in your existing workflow.


Meeting Scheduling

The best group collaboration software and messaging.


Virtual Meeting

Crisp, clear audio and video (including screen sharing).


Internal Notes

Pass information that helpful for the customer.


Data Visualization

Provide an accessible way to see patterns in data.


Integrated Chat

Allow you to ensure that everything continues to work.


Show that your product integrates with others

Explain how someone can connect your product with their favorite tools so it works better for them.


See why over 1,000 restaurants all over the world use Billy Order

We proving the impact of some exceptional customer experience

Polygon has helped us tremendously with communication. It has really helped with improving productivity and efficiency within our company.

Brian Arnold

Ferran Adria

Director of Growth Marketing at Airbnb


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